BobBayshotTechnical Subjects and On-Location Production

Engineering & Technical programs – from civil and environmental engineering to product service and marketing, we’ve created short and long programs for sales, training, litigation and technical reports.

Many of the productions like this have needed an up-close view of the subject’s process or situation – so we’ve
found ourselves among oceans oil tankers, power plants, roadways, bridges and railway construction and also in labs and factories recording things getting built, developed, and operated.

With  knowledgeable attention to standards and practices, our technical subject videos are an effective LeakShotand accurate representation of your projects or products. We can help tell the story that keeps visitors’ attention on your web page, Youtube or wherever you need it seen and remembered.

Scientific and technical programs must be accurate and directly demonstrate the subject – when we produce a technical video, we get to understand it before the imaging and producing begins to ensure the video we make will give the viewer, including peer audiences, the view that shows and explains it best.

Most of our tech & field productions require advance preparation to ensure the best approach is taken for each individual location and process. Fees are based on scope of work and travel, and some productions with multiple segments, including on-camera narrations will often need two or more technician/operators on location.

Cost Guideline 

TRC-Holly-StWe typically use a Panasonic HPX 250 mid-size camera, with tripod, tech monitor, microphones, some lighting and grip equipment, operated by one or two techs. The unedited recording is usually processed and compressed for viewing within 24 hrs.

Typical costs of an 8 hour day for a local area, on-location video recording service range from $1200 to $1800/day.

Most of these recordings need editing, and may need additional recording sessions to produce the completed program. Pre-production and preparing for editing are key to achieving the best and most cost effective video. Call us to discuss what you’d like to make a story of, and we’ll give you a good idea of what it takes to do it.