Video Production for Seminars, Conferences and Presentationslecture-cam

VideoVisuals has over 40 years in preserving conferences, seminars and other informational events. From the classics to corporate,  we have extensive experience recording presentations, creating informational videos that make the most of the presenters and their material, extending their reach and influence. Single and multi-camera systems, integrating powerpoint and other visuals, clearly capture content and relationship.

The high quality video we record has huge file sizes, and needs to be processed for typical use. This is included in the recording fee. In most cases, processing and compression of the raw files are done within 24 hrs. after the event, and the video made available for viewing and posting to a public or personal video website. Editing is also separately available.

Some events require only a camera, some sound interfBarbaraParteeacing and perhaps a couple of lights. Our most basic approach is with a high quality Panasonic HD camera, tripod, tech monitor and cables to connect with the sound system or our own microphones.

Camera, Plus PC
Many of our informational video production services have included high quality graphic and powerpoint images – directly connected for maximizing quality and inserted live to provide a better learning experience that increases retention. We offer a simple but high quality system for combing the live pc output with the video camera for a cost-effective way
to produce enhanced training and presentations.

VVmulticamBroadcast Flypack – Multi-Camera Systems
Multiple cameras make event recordings a better and more memorable viewing experience. Our flypack offers cost effective, high definition, multi-camera video production. VV has had the longest practice in portable, ‘flypack’ production services, with over 40 yrs. video production for events and broadcasters. With this background, we selected and maintain our equipment for quality and reliability and have optimized our packages for rapid, flexible setup.

The compact size and portability enables professional studio production quality anywhere. Full-size 2/3″ or mid-size 1/3” Robocam-flypack400Cameras that feature high sensitivity and low power, we operate the most efficient and reliable solution for recording a wide range of conferences and presentations.  These High Definition packages include scalable outputs for local event display, broadcast, web-streaming and other new media distribution.

Robotic Systems
Robotic cameras offer important benefits over conventional cameras for recording live events. Robocams can be easily placed in areas where full sized cameras are not practical, and the low, nondescript profile minimizes audience reaction to the camera. Robotics extend capabilities while  staying economical.

Live Web Casts
Speakers, presentations, graphics and videos . . . we combine our experience in event staging with our multi-camera production for a lively and coherent delivery of the message of the moment. Our multi-camera systems produce live shows as broadcast television events – Closeups, wides shots, and reactions – roll-ins and graphics, we can produce a stream of images that show the multimedia event for what it is meant to be.

Editing and Compressing
Compression to the file type of choice is included in the recording fee. Editing short programs can usually be done promptly and can take as little as a day or so. Some programs with greater detail may need an organizational review, and require more editing. Please call to discuss your project.  

Cost Guideline 

We offer a range of services – for a simple lecture of under 4 hours including the 1 hr. setup and event; with video processed and uploaded to your site. Typical fees for local area jobs range from $800 – $1000, for a full day $1200 – $1400

Camera, Plus PC
It’s most cost effective to add Powerpoint and other camera views live as the presentation takes place. Including the graphics involves additional equipment and setup – depending on the job, it may need one or two operators and setup is about an hour or so and utilizes the presenter’s laptop – typical fees for events up to a full day are between $1600 and $2200

Multi-Camera Systems
We’ve built our switcher systems for quality and reliability – Panasonic’s HS 400A  and HS50 provide flexibility for adapting to virtually all small and medium live productions. We offer three different types of cameras to handle each job with the best, most cost-effective tools. Our traditional Panasonic HPX 500’s have standard HD lens and studio kits, our mid-sized HPX 250/255’s cover mobility and cost, and the HE50 Robotics allow unique and inconspicuous placement along with further cost savings. These get mixed and matched along with laptop interfaces for each production. A full size system setup takes about 2 hours or so, and typical pricing varies the most with these due to the wide range of options available; basic systems with 3 crew begin at $3000/day on up.

Robotics also save operating costs.
The basic robotic plus package includes two robo-cameras and controller, plus a Panasonic HPX 250 – This 3-camera system normally can be operated by 2 techs, typically about $2600/day

HD Robotic Flypack Package Includes

  • 2 Panasonic AW-HE50 Robotic Camera, 1/3″ imager, 18x lens
  • 1 Panasonic HPX 250 camera w/ rear zoom ctl.
  • Panasonic AW-RP50 camera controller for picture, lens & motion
  • Panasonic AW-HS50 HD switcher with Multiview display,
  • Kipro HD/SDI recorder, Marshall tech monitor, RTS Intercom   

Customized Systems
Our modular flypacks have been designed for flexibility and compatibility. This allows us to configure our systems to the scale and scope of each event, providing a custom fit for the widest range of productions.

Add a Camera HPX 250 @$250 ; HPX 500 pkg @$600
Add a Powerpoint interface @$100
Add a Kipro HD DSI recorder & media @ $250 – $300
Add a frame-sync, router and tech monitor – $250

Our production system is optimized for creating web-cast video for live streaming. Please contact us to discuss and for an estimate.

Basic file preparation for editing is included in the recording fee. Editing and later adapting to special file types is charged at $150/hr. With some time included for previewing, the most seminar program editing can completed in under a day for less than $1000. Some lecture recordings may need only an hour or so to trim or excerpt a section. However, every program needs to be outlined and scope of work established before the cost is quoted.