Performances, Ceremonies and Events

From the very beginning, we’ve captured and have even been part of the performing arts in virtually every form. Stages and houses of all sizes, music of all genre’s, theater, and dance have been all been part of our recording and presentation history. Many years of working with artists, producers and directors have helped us understand how to apply the production support and provide the visual treatment the customer is looking for.

With over 45 years of producing multi-camera recordings of shows, we’ve got the science down to an art. Full-size, mid-size and robotic cameras are mixed and matched for coverage to make the most out of the performance and preserve it for repeat viewing.

multi-events400Broadcast Quality Flypack
VideoVisuals’ standard flypack offers cost effective, high definition, multi-camera video production. The compact size and portability enables professional studio production quality anywhere. Our full-size 2/3″ cameras and mid-size 3x 1/3” cameras both feature high sensitivity and low power use, establishing the flypack as the most efficient and reliable solution for recording and telecasting a wide range of events.

Robotic Systems
Robotic full-HD cameras offer important benefits over conventional cameras for recording live events.
Robocams can be easily placed in areas where full sized cameras are not practical, and the low, nondescript profile minimizes audience reaction to the camera. Robotics added to standard Multicam-&-Robos400systems extend capabilities while staying economical.

Speakers, presentations, graphics and videos . . . we combine our experience in event staging with our multi-camera production for a lively and coherent delivery of the message of the moment. Our multi-camera systems produce live shows as broadcast television events – Closeups, wides shots, and reactions – roll-ins and graphics, we can produce a stream of images that show the multimedia event for what it is meant to be.

Our production system is optimized for creating web-cast video for live streaming. Please contact us to discuss and for an estimate.

Cost Guideline

VideoVisuals provides a wide range of performance recording services. In most cases, the recording files are processed and compression done and the video available for viewing within 24 hrs. Editing is separately available. The daily prices below are for a guideline – please call to discuss your event for a quote.

With one videographer and one of our HD cameras – either the Panasonic HPX 250 or HPX 500. The camera typically is packaged with tripod, monitor, microphones, lighting and audio cable for connecting to the PA. Charges for recording the event and processing the HD recording typically range from $900 – 1,400/day

The basic robotic plus package includes two robo-cameras and controller, plus a Panasonic HPX 250 – This 3-camera system normally can be operated by 2 techs, typically $1400 for equipment & $1200 for operators

HD Robotic Flypack Package Includes

  • 2 Panasonic AW-HE50 Robotic Camera, 1/3″ imager, 18x lens
  • 1 Panasonic HPX 250 camera w/ rear zoom ctl.
  • Panasonic AW-RP50 camera controller for picture, lens & motion
  • Panasonic AW-HS50 HD switcher with Multiview display,
  • Kipro HD/SDI recorder, Marshall tech monitor, RTS Intercom

Multi-camera Systems
Panasonic two HPX 250’s, or HPX 500’s w/ studio controls & remote, ea.w/ tripod and up to 200 ft. cable, a Panasonic AV-HS400A Multi-Format HD-SDI Switcher, Kipro recorder (and Panasonic SD card redundant recorder) and RTS intercom and tech monitor. This system normally is operated by 3 or more techs. typically $1200 – $1700 for equipment service & $1800 and up for operators

Customized Systems
Our modular flypacks have been designed for flexibility and compatibility. This allows us to configure our systems to the scale and scope of each event, providing a custom fit for the widest range of productions.

Add a Camera HPX 250 @$250 ; HPX 500 pkg @$600
Add a Powerpoint interface @$100
Add a Kipro HD DSI recorder & media @ $250 – $300
Add a frame-sync, router and tech monitor – $250

Basic file preparation for editing is included in the recording fee. Editing and later adapting to special file types is charged at $150/hr. With some time included for previewing, most seminar program editing can completed in under a day for less than $1000. Some lecture recordings may need only an hour or so to trim or excerpt a section. However, every program needs to be outlined and scope of work established before the cost is quoted.