Interviews and Corporate Communication

VideoVisuals has produced and presented innumerable short and long video programs for virtually every type of business communication. We understand how these videos carry messages on so many levels as they compete for the time and attention of a busy audience.

We’re experienced at keeping the communication clear and concise, captured in a setting that is both appropriate for the subject and that complements the presenter. Carefully lit and staged interviews help control the look and feel of the discussion, delivering a rich and intriguing portrait of your subject that delivers the message effectively.

Planning and preproduction are important to understanding your vision, crafting the script and setting the tone. We help plan the concept and process, so the recording and editing are focused and efficient. Public speaking isn’t always easy for everyone – we can help with shorter takes, a teleprompter and other techniques to make the session easier for the on-camera subjects.

Careful post-production achieves clear and brilliant videos optimized for Youtube and other on-line hosts. We post directly to the page, and can help enhance it with a header, text and key-words.

interviewsCost Guideline 

We produce videos for businesses and institutions that range from a seated person in simple setting to highly scripted and prepared profiles with shooting at dozens of locations across the country. The more complex programs need careful review before proposing the techniques and process. Some messages are simpler, and can be shot in a day and often completed within a week.

Most planned video shoots need 2 or more experienced videographers to set up and operate the equipment. The typical daily video recording fees begin at $1750, and increase with personnel and additional equipment.

The production equipment includes:

  • Panasonic HPX 500 or HPX250 HD camera with tripod
  • Kipro digital recorder. Marshall tech monitor
  • Wired and wireless microphones, makeup for reducing shine
  • Lighting for subject and background, with diffusion screens and grip kit
  • Add a teleprompter $250 – $350

Prompters usually require a dedicated operator, typically @ $450/day

Editing short programs can be done promptly and can take as little as a day or less. With some time previewing, the program editing can be completed for less than $1000. However, every program needs to be outlined and scope of work established before estimating the cost.

Please contact us for a quick cost estimate of your project.