About VideoVisuals

The Company
VideoVisuals, Inc. was founded in 1972 to help bring about the newly developed personal approach in video to business and event producers. In the four decades of pioneering operations that V/V built, innovation and adaptation has kept us ahead of the field, providing excellence to business, entertainment and broadcast. From the beginning, our multi-camera flypack was already feeding video to the 15 foot screen for closeup audience viewing, and for four decades, our cameras have been showing the detail in virtually every type of situation since.

Now in 2015
Owned and Operated by Bob Lewis from the beginning, the company has been structured to focus on key areas of successful productivity. These featured services offer quick delivery of high quality video at cost-effective rates.  Bob enjoys helping clients with effective solutions to issues and programs than need to be shared. Decades of experience in working with corporate management, sales and with institutional development has enabled us to produce the right visual treatment to show what your message is about and leave the viewer with the right impression.


VideoVisuals Quality

What makes a video appealing and effective is both subtle and complex. Over forty years of experience Slatenewer400enable VideoVisuals to combine the classic practices of broadcast television with the latest technology to create professional video that differentiates you from your competition.

Our Approach
At VideoVisuals, we understand both the practical and technical needs of business communications and educational programming. Our experience producing video for the widest range of clients and applications have enabled us to understand your message and values, making your presentation not only technically excellent, but engaging as well.

Our Technology
VideoVisuals designs and builds our own systems with equipment carefully chosen, based on image quality and operational dependability. Our compact and lightweight video flypack systems easily integrate with larger events and sets up in less time and space, making our production services more efficient and cost effective. Our technical edge extends beyond the shoot to editing and production management for rapid delivery of completed recordings in virtually every format.