Events and Performances

With over 45 years of producing multi-camera recordings of shows, we’ve got the science down to an art. Full-size, mid-size and robotic cameras are mixed and matched for coverage to make the most out of the performance and preserve it for repeat viewing.  Read More


Seminars and Presentations

From the classics to corporate,  we have extensive experience recording presentations, creating informational videos that make the most of the presenters and their material, extending their reach and influence. Read More


Corporate Communication

VideoVisuals has produced and presented short and long video programs for virtually every type of business communication. We understand how these videos carry messages on so many levels as they compete for the time and attention of a busy audience. Read More


Technical Subjects

Scientific and technical programs must be accurate and directly demonstrate the subject – we get to understand it before imaging and producing begins, to ensure the video we make will give the viewer, including peer audiences, the view that shows it best. Read More